The Guatemala Tech Team

In January 2018, the Global Mission IT team was invited to Seminario Teologico Nazareno de Guatemala to upgrade and relocate the network infrastructure.  A team of nine techs worked together to stabilize the power, run cable, hang access point, program switches, install a rack and more.  

We are incredibly grateful for the work that we have been able to do in Guatemala.  Through this system, 1,400+ students will be trained, the administration will have new tools to ensure that student accounts are organized and the professors will be able to interact directly with students to ensure that they are discipled and trained for ministry.   

We stayed on campus in Guatemala City, Guatemala where Roger and Damaris Kellogg, along with Filiberto and Nidia Yat, graciously hosted us.  

The beautiful campus is built on hills, so as we worked around the campus, each of us used our phones to count our steps.  In one day, one team member logged more than 20,000 steps and the equivalent of 160+ flights of stairs climbed.  

It was definitely a highlight for us to be able to work alongside the MesoAmerica Region IT Director, Carlos Salazar. We are thankful for him!

One of our team members said, “It was amazing to see God’s Grace at work in all of our lives as we shared our stories, and how He brought us together using our gifts and talents for His Glory.  My heart is so thankful to get the opportunity to be included in this continuing adventure.  What a blessing!”


  • Ben and the Rack

  • Cables to Organize

  • Configuring PFSense