In August of 2018, the Global IT team was invited to Caribbean Nazarene College in Trinidad and Tobago.  

CNC has been training and sending leaders across the Caribbean since 1951.  Their leaders and professors have done a wonderful job of preparing pastors over the years.  In addition to classroom education, they have also pioneered the use of video conference education in the English speaking Caribbean islands.

The aging network infrastructure was limiting the ability of the school to offer online and video conference education, as well as online tools for staff and students.  Pings and speedtests from around the campus produce varying results. Wifi coverage around the campus was spotty.  


The Global IT team quickly assessed the situation and jumped into action:

  • replacing cables that were damaged or incorrectly run.
  • running new wires to library and administration computers
  • connecting all the buildings on campus using Unifi Mesh products
  • Adding wireless access points in all the buildings

Through the efforts of the team, there is continuous wireless connectivity across the entire camps, classroom video conference equipment is ready to go, and students are able to access the resources they need study and prepare.


  • The team ran over 2 miles of cable 
  • The aging equipment that was in place before was limiting throughput.  When the new equipment was installed, it was discovered that the school primary internet connection is a 250Mb connection.  The staff is thrilled with the new speed.
  • With the new equipment and the high speed bandwidth, the school can offer multiple video conference classes at once.
  • We removed 37 old 100megabit or slower switches and routers that were limiting throughput (see photo below)
  • We had the privilege of seeing and hearing part of the Nazarene Worship Center Steel Pan Orchestra (see photo below)


  • CNC Core Rack

  • Old devices we removed

  • Nazarene Worship Center Steel Pan Orchestra