Purpose: Network infrastructure installation at both the Chiclayo and Nuevo Horizonte campuses. Computer lab for Nuevo Horizonte.

Team Members: Web Beeman, Tom Renfrow, Dale Rector, Leah Rector, Brandi Williams, Joshua Williams. Evelio and Gladis Bereche (Rector of seminary and our hosts)

Highlights: Working with Evelio and Gladis was a joy.

The Neuvo Horizonte campus is in the jungle of Peru near Imacita. The director of that campus hosted us. They didn’t have an internet connection at the time, but we installed everything in preparation for their connection. They have wifi across the important buildings on campus.

The computers we delivered will be used by the translators who are putting all the Course of Study material into Awajun. We were able to participate in a pastors’ meeting where local Awajun pastors were being trained.