Calendar Sharing Guide

Sharing your calendar in Zimbra Webmail

Zimbra allows you to share your calendar with other Zimbra users. Here’s how to do it from Zimbra Webmail.

1. Log into Zimbra Webmail

2. Go to the “Calendar” tab and right-click (or Apple+click on Macs) on the calendar you want to share.

3. Type the Zimbra email address of the person you want to share your calendar with (e.g. The buttons under “role” allow you to set the level of access the other person has to your calendar. We recommend using either “viewer” (for people who should just be able to see your calendar) or “Manager” (for people who should be able to modify your calendar). It’s not advisable to grant someone else “Admin” access to your calendar.

Click OK.

4. Next, to allow viewing of a shared calendar you have access to on your mobile device.

Go to Calendar, calendar to view, Folder Sync Settings – then mark ‘Enable synchronization for this folder’, and OK.

Accepting a shared calendar…

You can link to a calendar that someone has shared with you by clicking “Accept Share” in the invitation email you received. This is best done using Zimbra Webmail.