Enabling Those Who Serve


GlobalNaz services are provided to enable effective and secure communication between people involved in Nazarene ministries and education around the world.

On this site, you can learn about the services that we offer, request accounts and get support.

If working with technology is your thing (or you are a willing helper), you can also find ways to help with technology needs around the world by checking out our
"Get Involved" section.

If you would like to give to Global IT projects, you can do that here: Global IT Partnerships

Here are some of the services we offer:

Video Conference

Video Conference

Our video conference service provides secure connections for classes or meetings with people in diverse locations. We support full room systems, as well as computer and mobile device connections.

Large File Transfer

Our large file transfer system provides a secure way to share files that are too large for email.


Our Regional email service provides secure email communication between all Global Mission regional accounts and also with Nazarene.org accounts.


In addition to providing support for the services listed here, the Global Mission IT team is here to support mission personnel with the use of computers and technology in their day to day work.

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