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Getting Started With VidyoDesktop

Log In to Vidyo

1. To download VidyoDesktop, use your favorite browser to enter the URL –

Follow the instructions on the page for downloading and installing the software.


2. Log into the VidyoDesktop with the following settings: VidyoPortal:
Enter your Username and Password. Then click the Log in button.


3. Once you click the Log in button, the Contact List appears.


Join a Conference  

Make a Direct Call or Join Someone Else’s Room:

1. Search for a contact in the Contacts Search field.
2. Click Call to place a point to point call just between two people.
3. To join the person’s room (for group meetings of more than two people), click their name under Rooms.


Host a Conference in Your Own Room:

If you need to meet with more than one other person, you can host a conference in your own room.  To join your room, click My Room, then select the Join Room button.



Call Session Buttons  



Click here to download this guide as a PDF file.