Global Mission IT has been invited to bring a Tech Team to Caribbean Nazarene College (CNC) in Trinidad.

CNC has been training and sending leaders across the Caribbean since 1951.  They have been successfully training leaders on campus, through online education and through video conference classes.

The infrastructure at CNC is aging and some equipment on campus is failing. There is one internet connection, but pings and speedtests from around the campus produce varying results. Wifi coverage around the campus needs to be augmented.


  • Evaluate the existing infrastructure. Salvage what can be salvaged.
  • Replace failing equipment with a centrally managed wired and wireless infrastructure.
  • Replace the existing firewall/gateway with a system that balances internet load and prioritizes traffic.

Skillset needed:

  • Electrician
  • Cabling
  • Switch installation and configuration
  • PFSense
  • Wifi Access Point installation and configuration

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